Entering a dark age – and what to do about it

By Carl Johan Calleman, regarding “The Nine Waves of Creation” within the Mayan Calendar System

Dark ages often lead to the downfall of civilizations. The reasons for the downfalls of civilizations have however often seemed enigmatic to mainstream historians, who have not been able to understand what causes them. For example, even when it comes to explaining the downfall of the Roman Empire, which after all we have fairly detailed records of, there is no consensus of what caused this. Symptoms of the decline may often be identified, but not what caused these symptoms to appear in the first place. Similarly, the so-called disappearance of the Mayan culture has seemed inexplicable to archeologists. It is known that almost all of the cities of the Classical culture of the Maya were abandoned relatively abruptly in the time period AD 800-830 and that the post-Classical site of Chichen-Itza, the final expression of the high culture of the Maya, was abandoned around AD 1220. To explain this, a number of different factors, such as warfare, religious change, environmental degradation and dynastic collapse have been suggested as causes. But several other Native American centres, such as the Toltec capital Tula, Cahokia, Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde also went down at about the same time and we may wonder if there is a connection on a deeper level. What if the rise and fall of these civilizations were predetermined by a wave movement of creation, which caused a shift in the Global Mind that led to the demise of all these cities? If so, the downfalls of civilizations were simply meant to happen at a certain phase shift in this wave movement that generated a dark age where civilizations could not thrive.


Fig 1. The rise of different major civilizations in the days of the Sixth Wave of the Mayan calendar system. By the ancient Mesoamericans this wave movement in the quantum field went by the name of the Plumed Serpent, which as it disappeared brought the downfall of civilizations.

Certainly, the rise and fall of some of the major civilizations in the history of humanity, and the beginning of so called dark ages, seems to fit very well with the ups and downs of the Sixth Wave of Creation, which is often referred to as the Mayan Long Count (Fig 1). Peaks, or days then create new civilizations whereas the valleys, or nights often brought them down. This sine wave movement is consistent with the belief in ancient times in Mesoamerica, that the rise and fall of their civilizations were caused by the appearance and disappearance of the Plumed Serpent. This was perceived as a supreme divinity that we may now recognize as a very real wave in the quantum field.

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Fig 2. The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire in the fifth day of the Sixth Wave.

If so, we should expect that when the Plumed Serpent disappeared into a night, civilizations would disappear. A more detailed analysis of the various peaks and valleys in the wave movement in Fig 1 reveals that these were always associated with the rise and fall of civilizations, but we will here limit the discussion to its later phases. To begin with, we may study the rise and fall of the West Roman Empire, which was instituted about at the beginning of the fifth day (Fig 2), expanded during the next hundred years and started its decline at the midpoint of this peak. Later, the leadership of the city of Rome declined, its control of the provinces decreased and sometimes its emperors were barbaric and incompetent. The final steps towards its demise – the division of the Empire in AD 395, the sacking of Rome by Alarik in 410 and the assault on its Western provinces by Attilla the Hun (434-453) – happened close to the actual shift point to the fifth night in the Sixth Wave. Yet, its collapse did not happen at a particular date, but seems to have been a result of the downward slope of the wave. Looked upon in the light of the wave movement in Fig 2 this demise in fact seems to have been something that was bound to happen no matter what particular form it would take. The shift point in 434 then marked the beginning of a dark age that would continue until the beginning of the 9th century CE when a new day would begin. In European history, this night in the Sixth Wave has gone down as the “dark ages,” when no civilizational center existed. It deserves to point out however that it was only the West Roman Empire that underwent this decline, whereas the East Roman Empire with its capital of Constantinople would survive another thousand years.

When we come to the next day in the Sixth Wave (beginning in AD 829) several new Native American civilizations would emerge. The oldest date from Chichen-Itza – the centre of the Post-Classical Mayan culture – is from AD 843 and Grande Tula, the capital of the Toltecs, began to be built around 850-900. While legends claim that both of these sites were abandoned around 1223 (at the beginning of the new night as Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent molted its skin) modern archeologists have dated their abandonment or conquest to AD 1250 and 1150. According to Wikipedia Chaco Canyon started unraveling in 1140, Mesa Verde was abandoned in 1285 and Cahokia, the biggest city located in present-day United States around 1300. We know much less about the actual timing of the decline of these cities than of the Roman Empire and the dates given for them are somewhat uncertain. I have for instance seen dates that are much closer to the actual shift into the sixth night in 1223 than these, but for consistency I have here only given those from Wikipedia. Regardless, it is clear that at the entry into the sixth night all major Native American city centers in North America went into irreversible decline. Again we have an example of how the nights in the Sixth Wave mean the downfall of civilizations in the West. Maybe then the synchronistic disappearance of several cultures on the Western hemisphere around AD 1220 is not an accident but due to a phase shift in the creation wave.

If the shifts into the 5th and 6th nights then had led to the demise of the Roman Empire and the ancient Native American civilizations respectively, we have reasons to ask what the mechanism for this might be. We also have every reason to ask if we will see a similar demise of the current global Western civilization as we have now entered a new night, the seventh night of the Sixth Wave, which has already had dramatic political consequences. When it comes to the first of these issues – how to explain the downturn of Western civilizations – it seems this is fairly easy. This downturn goes back to the particular polarity of the Global Mind, which when a night begins loses the light on the Western Hemisphere (Fig 3). As this happens, civilizations on the Western hemisphere on our planet often lose their power and guiding light and so tend to disappear or disintegrate. People who have been in resonance with the duality during the days also tend to lose their creativity and mental acuity in the nights. As a result of such a shift, the structure of societies disintegrates together with many of their intellectual accomplishments as I described in The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization.


Fig 3. The consequences of the shift from day to night in the Sixth Wave on the levels of the global and human minds.

The shift in polarity of the Global Mind (from Fig 3a to 3b) is then what has caused the demise of Western civilizations at the beginning of the nights in the Sixth Wave. As a result the world has also become more balanced with regards to power, and the Eastern Hemisphere has asserted itself (such as for instance in the Mongol Storm creating the largest empire in history right at the beginning of the sixth night). The polarity between West and East, which in the days is upheld by a dualist Global Mind then collapses and as a result we see a dramatic shift in power on a global scale. Is this what will happen in the following decade as we now, as of 2011, have entered the seventh night of the Sixth Wave?

To answer this question, we should first look at the history of the seventh day (1617-2011) and especially its Western powers in Fig 4. This seventh day in the wave was the first in human history to create a civilization that was truly global and it did so through the agencies of the Western European colonial powers and especially the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom was forged in 1603 and prepared the ground for the British Empire, which came into existence with the first trading post in India in 1615 and the pilgrims arriving in Massachussetts in 1620 right after the beginning of the seventh day. From then on, it continued to develop into “the Empire where the sun never sets” until in the latter half of the 20th century this was replaced by the United States – a nation located further West – as the leading world power creating a new world order around itself. As the seventh day has now recently turned into a night the question is however if the Western powers will meet a fate similar to the earlier Western civilizations at the beginning of such nights. (If you believe as I do that the Plumed Serpent – a creation wave – is the cause of the rise and fall of civilizations, then of course such a decline would seem to be a real possibility.) As I have argued in earlier articles and more in depth in my book The Nine Waves of Creation, the Brexit vote in England and the Trump vote in the United States points exactly to such a collapse of Western power, whether it is Russia or China that at least temporarily will take over the leadership of the world. I would argue that to deny the possibility that a shift in the world would be caused by a hidden wave outside of human control would be typical of the Titanic arrogance that has sometimes preceded the fall of civilizations.


Fig 4. The rise and decline of Western powers as a result of the seventh day of the Sixth Wave.

For Americans the idea that the US would be subject to the same causes of periodic decline as the ancient Native American cultures may be hard to fathom. Yet, the fact of the matter is that regardless of its current exceptional military might the factors determining its future are to be found at a non-material level in the wave movement of the Plumed Serpent. There are a million dfferent aspects of the current shift into a night that deserve attention, but I will here essentially limit myself to the phenomenon of the nation-state. A nation is not an eternal phenomenon, whose existence has been cut in stone. Instead, the nation state is created as the result of the activation of the Global Mind in the periods that are days in the Sixth Wave (This explains why major civilizations emerge in those periods, see Fig 1). The birth of the modern nation-state is generally set at the Westphalian Peace Treaty in 1648 in the beginning of the seventh day. At this point, nations started to have an existence independently of their rulers and a state appeared, which even if in significant regards it continued to be a tool for the elite also in different ways began to provide services to people in general. If this is true, we should today – as this seventh day has come to an end – see some signs of the disintegration of the nation-state. (It is a general rule that nights often reverse what was created in the days.)

And indeed, I believe we are now beginning to see signs of such a disintegration of the United States. Recently at the CPAC meeting in Washington DC, Steve Bannon, the chief strategist of the current US administration, for instance declared that his ultimate goal was the “deconstruction of the administrative state.” He also conceded that the cabinet members in Trump’s cabinet had been selected for the very purpose of destroying the various agencies that they were assigned to lead. In practice, this may mean the dismantling not only of the Environmental Protection Agency, National Public Radio and several other national agencies, but over some time the public school system and health care as well. Bannon’s plan in other words is to dismantle everything that makes a country a country and replace it with some kind of Hunger Games where only the rich have access to meaningful social services. While this will also create resistance, it is important to know that the dismantling of the nation-state is Bannon’s stated goal.

These ideas however did not just pop into Steve Bannon’s head from nowhere. Instead, they came out of his and the many Trump supporters resonance with the dark age global mind that is shown in Fig 3b. Such resonance is further developed through constant disinformation campaigns, fake news and conspiracy theories that are projected by the current US administration onto the media and others. These are tools used by dark age rulers and are signs that among other things a dark age carries a decline in intellectual discernment.

I thus believe that the world dominance of the West is now on its way out because of the shift into a night in the Sixth Wave. This shift is experienced by everyone if only on a subconscious level and results in fear of losing the position of superiority given by the duality in Fig 3a. As a result of this fear a nationalist response is created that leads people to support plans for funding walls and a strong military and isolationist policies. Linked to this fear is then also rejection of groups such as immigrants, members of certain religions, women and others that do not fit the mold of the patriarchal civilization in question. Since such measures do not address the causes of the fear – which is a change in the global mind outside of human control – they may easily lead to a nation to spiral down further at such a shift to a night. Affected people will look for a strongman who seems to be able to alleviate the fear (“Make America Great Again”) and maybe give him extended powers. This however will not work either as the Wave still continues to go down into the valley. Yet, it is hard not clear how quickly this will happen and exactly what forms the decline will take. In the US, it could take the form of intensified political chaos, economic downturn, dictatorship, a failed war or the secession of significant states such as California. If the US has an adminstration that wants to deconstruct its administration then it by definition does not have a raison d’etre for the future. It should be pointed out however that Trump did not create this dark age. He is only riding the wave leading into it.

The United Kingdom on its part is threatened as a nation state because of the possibilty of Scottish independence and the increased risk of a renewed rebellion in Northern Ireland resulting from the Brexit vote. Similar things may come to occur also in other Western European nations, but this may not take as dramatic forms. Regardless, we are in for an approximately 400 year long night (a baktun) in the Sixth Wave, with a wide range of consequences that everyone should ponder.

At this point in this presentation it should be emphasized that a dark age is not the end of the world. Humanity has gone through several dark ages before and even though their civilizations may have disappeared or been radically transformed it has survived as a species. Following the demise of the Maya and the Toltecs for instance, the Aztec Empire emerged in the fourteenth century as a new civilization dominating the Valley of Mexico. The Aztecs incidentally were aware that they were living in a dark age, which may have been why they conducted the many human sacrifcces to appease the gods. They also feared the return of the Plumed Serpent which they knew would one day bring a new civilization that would bring them down. This would eventually also happen in the form of the Spanish Conquistadors and in the coming day a European civilization would come to dominate North America.

Despite this dark perspective of a new night there is a distinct, and very important difference between the previous nights of the Sixth Wave and the one that has just began. This is that in our current night three higher waves, the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Waves that did not exist during the previous nights have been activated (Fig 5). Every higher wave here has a frequency that is twenty times higher than the lower one. The effects of these Waves are discussed in detail in my book The Nine Waves of Creation. In the figure we can see the exact timing of the shifts between peaks and valleys in all of these mind-altering waves. While the Sixth Wave is going into a long night (it is so long that it looks like a straight line in the figure) the Seventh Wave is now in a shorter night that will end in 2031. As this happens we may expect a return to global collaboration and an end to the current era of populistic nationalism (whose real goal is to dismantle what makes a nation a nation). Also, the high frequency Eighth and Ninth Waves as we can see in Fig 5, are oscillating between days and nights. This means that already now people in resonance with these Waves may manifest the purposes of these in their day (or peak) periods.

Fig 8.1

Fig 5. The shifting energies of the higher creation waves at our current time.

It is important to know what kinds of minds these different waves are creating in the humans who are in resonance with them (see Fig 6). From this scheme we can understand why the destiny of humanity is to return to unity through a climb to the highest Ninth Wave, which brings a mind of light. This unity consciousness however stands upon a mind carried by the Eighth Wave, favoring the right (and holistic) brain half, which in turn means that the feminine is supported. If at the current time (early 2017) there are several political manifestations of women, it is partially because the Eighth Wave is now in a day mode (see Fig 5) and so favors such. In order to climb to the unity of the Ninth Wave it is necessary to first climb to the Eighth Wave. The protection and expansion of female rights worldwide is thus a necessary step for manifesting the destiny of humanity.

Fig 9.1

Fig 6. Polarities of the mind and relationships to life carried by the different creation waves.

The destiny of humanity is manifested through our resonance with Creation Waves with increasingly higher frequencies. It is because these higher frequency waves bringing in the light that there is hope and it may be pointed out that all the Abrahamic religions adhere to the idea that there will be a return to the “Garden of Eden” or in other words to a state of unity consciousness. Such a state will however not appear automatically, but only as a result of a sufficiently large number of people creating resonance with the Ninth Wave. This in turn requires that a sufficient number of people already honors the feminine in themselves (Eighth Wave). Hence, even if the Sixth Wave has now gone into a night, favoring a dark age in those that are in resonance with it, there are higher waves that are now active that will counterbalance the effects of this. I believe the most difficult time in this climb will begin as the Eighth Wave goes into a night on September 27.

Yet, the Mayan creation waves are not purely cyclical, but have a direction towards manifesting the destiny of humanity. As the shift in the Seventh Wave approaches in 2031, there will be an increasing number of people that have seen through the current “nationalism” and instead will repeat the mantra “humanity first” as the only way forward for our species and the manifestation of true global unity. Around that time the children that were born in 2011 (when the Ninth Wave was activated) will have reached twenty years of age. This group, and those born after it were fully born into this wave and will then start to weigh in on the course of events of the world with a more unity-oriented mind. At that time I believe it will become possible to see the Golden Age on the horizon even if this will still take some time to manifest. This stepwise climb to resonance with higher frequency waves leading up to the Ninth Wave can also be described as raising the consciousness of humanity. It should be emphasized however that this is not about a consciousness rise on a mountain top in isolation from the rest of humanity. To create the Golden Age will require that the high state of consciousness resulting from resonance with the Ninth Wave is manifested and realized in our social and economic reality in such a way as to favor the equality of all. Such a change will come out of an increasing number of people seeing that everything is connected as a result of the unity consciousness brought by the Ninth Wave.

A pre-requisite for a successful manifestation of the destiny of humanity is then that we develop resonance with the higher waves and start to live accordingly. At the very least we should be aware of the existence of those higher Waves and the direction that they are meant to take us. As time passes the Ninth Wave will be increasingly important for developing our minds towards unity (Fig 6). As a result of human beings seeing the world through a mind of unity, they will come to project this onto reality in such a way as to create peace and everlasting love. And yet, this is not a transformation that will happen automatically, but requires a clear intention to download a mind of unity that will manifest the Golden Age.

March 1, 2017